Our Members

John Vaughen
PhD Student, Biology

I can’t stop smiling, especially while biking around our cycling heaven!! Well-paved roads meandering through hills with ocean and bay views and little traffic; the California sun… I don’t want to leave!! I’m happy biking anywhere at any speed, but you’re most likely to find me zooming around hills between experiments.

Sydney (She/Hers)

 I got into cycling through the route of being a commuter as my parents wanted me to drive and I wanted nothing to do with that. I had to get myself places somehow, and cycling seemed like a logical and effective way to do so. I then realized that I very much enjoyed being on my bike, and I found the Stanford Cycling Team and started going on beginner rides before joining the team in the early part of my freshman year.

Mona Azadkia
PhD student, Statistics

In the Spring of the 4th year of my PhD I started the road cycling and I joined a coffee ride of the Stanford Cycling Club and then my life changed! One of my interests that came out as a result of cycling is to rank croissants of the bakeries in the area. I may release an official ranking one day.

Caitlin Maikawa
PhD Student, Bioengineering

I started cycling when I arrived at Stanford as a way to stay active after “retirement” from playing ice hockey. My other favourite hobby is baking and I like to say I bike so I can eat more of my baking! Despite the beautiful hills that surround Stanford, I prefer to riding on flat-ish roads, or more likely you’ll find me on my gravel bike on the trails in Arastradero Preserve!

Sawyer Taylor
Undergraduate, Class 2023

I started cycling when I was 13 years old as rehab after a series of knee surgeries. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the sport and begin racing road, mountain, and track bikes. Despite being much faster on the flats as a sprinter, I love beautiful views and the rush associated with pushing myself as fast as I can down a hill. In addition to riding and racing bikes, I enjoy boxing, lifting, swimming, and watching all types of athletic competitions from UFC Fights to F1 Races.

Shifrah Aron-Dine

I started cycling the summer after my first year at Stanford and now can’t imagine my life without it. I love biking up the nearby mountains, through redwood forests, and being rewarded with sweeping views of the ocean and bay. I have found that having an activity effort in equals improvement has made me more patient with the meandering process that is research.


I’m a recent Symbolic Systems grad (computer science and psychology) and friction love to get outdoors. Hit me up for a hiking/biking/camping trip cause I would love to organize! Denver Native and recently new owner of a pup named Shasta 

John Janetzko, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow in Molecular and Cellular Physiology

I, like many, first started riding when I got to Stanford. Before Stanford a bike was nothing more than a vehicle for getting to and from the boathouse. Now, it affords me the opportunity to explore all of the nooks and crannies of California’s beautiful landscape: from the tops of mountains, to the oceanside. I’ve come to love the tactical nature of bike racing, and I can often be found in the middle of nowhere representing team Mike’s Bikes.

Jacopo Dalmasson
PhD Candidate, Physics

I love bikes (mostly road) and everything related to it since I was about 18 back in Italy. Here is a great place to bike, as the weather allows you to bike almost all year round, with a very good cycling community. Road are great and mostly clear of traffic, in just about half hour you are in the middle of the woods, although I miss my Alps

Amy Wang Huber
PhD Student, Finance

I joined Stanford Cycling because I loved triathlon but sucked on the bike. The contagious spirit of the Team has not only made me less intimidated by cycling but also slightly enamoured with attacking hills. When I'm not outdoors, I try to work toward my Finance PhD at the GSB.

Bernd Ondruch
DCI Fellow

I did my first Ironman in the late 1980s. I reconnected with the sport and cycling in particular about twelve years ago and have not stopped since. More recently, my goal was to race up the iconic Alpe d’Huez faster at the age of 50 than when I was 40. The local rides around Stanford are world-class. My staples are OLH, Kings Mtn, and the Coastal Classic and I continue to be thrilled to join Stanford cyclists on those roads. 

Rachel Anders

I'm a mountain biker originally from Utah! Currently a Covid19 college dropout. While at Stanford I loved hitting up the trails in Santa Cruz. Favorite/only trick is the wheelie. Other tricks include eating peanut butter and playing the ukulele.

Craig Duttweiler

I got my doctorate in aerospace engineering and computer science from Stanford sometime back in the Mesozoic era, and started mountain biking casually around the same time. I now ride mostly on the road and stay sane, humble, and happy by getting my butt regularly kicked by students now half my age. The endorphin rush, friendly camaraderie, and fantastic roads and scenery of the San Francisco Bay Area can't be beat. When I'm not cycling with members of the team, I am usually skiing, traveling, toiling endlessly on home improvement projects, or pulling my young son along behind my mountain bike at about 10% of my preferred speed.

Bernardo Tapia
"Cool Uncle"

The man, the myth, the legend, and also the Associate Director for Communication and Engagement, Stanford Athletics, Recreation and Wellness. I'm constantly torn between riding/racing road, cross-country mountain, #gravel, and #cyclocross…but consider road my top choice. I've been racing ever since I started riding (6 yrs ago) and adore my 2019 Specialized Tarmac appropriately named “The Batmobile”. Favorite ride food: Almond sandwiches. Fun fact: Super good at surfing  wheels. Favorite color: black on black on black. I lead the team in core workouts and am happy to share my racing/coaching knowledge. 

Julian Vigil
TSF Coordinator

I am a rising third-year Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering at Stanford, passionate about inorganic chemistry, renewable energy, and BIKES! I started cycling during my undergrad years in New Mexico when I was advised to ride a stationary bike while recovering from knee surgery. I enjoyed the personal challenge of it and starting riding on the roads of Albuquerque, then Cambridge (UK), and now Stanford! The roads, scenery, and weather in the bay area and peninsula are beautiful and it's a real joy to ride. I am glad to be a part of the Stanford Cycling community!

Sharon Newman

Cycling has been an awesome way for me to vent my stress and makes it that much easier to get over the hills around here, especially to Pescadero (I did have to get rescued in my first attempt there...)! I love any excuse to engage in bike packing trips and the casual bike ride with friends, ranging from 2 miles to centuries. Coolest trip? Biking around Taiwan only to get stopped by a typhoon on the last day and have to take a train! See you on the road!

Margalit Glasglow
PhD Student, CS

I originally joined the cycling club to appease my competitive side that couldn't get enough of riding up Old La Honda to Skyline...but now I'm here to stay for the friends, endless opportunities to explore, and beautiful landscapes right here in our backyard!! Most of the time you can find me riding my gravel bike on the trails in Arastradero or up on Russian Ridge. If you don't already ride on dirt, I'll probably try to convince you to 🙂