Our rides are posted on our Slack weekly spins channel!

We have a few recurring rides each week but most rides are posted by members. Everyone can post rides, so if you want company please post your rides too!

Here are some guidelines when looking for the right ride to join or when you are advertising your ride:

Ride Types

Specify your ride type!

  • No drop:
    We go at the pace of the slowest rider and we make sure no one falls behind, e.g. beginner ride.
  • Social:
    We ride at a slower pace with a focus on conversing or recovering, e.g. coffee ride and Alice’s ride. We regroup after climbs, but no one is watching for stragglers. It’s acceptable to ask for pace adjustments.
  • Regrouping or training: Usually these rides are intermediate-to-fast in pace. Expect that you may be dropped in climbs or descents. We typically regroup at the top of climbs, and do slow-rolling regroups after descents if possible. You can ask for small pace adjustments if it means you won’t get dropped. Most long weekend rides fall into this category.
  • Drop or race:
    If you get dropped, there are others on the ride who need to continue at a high speed for training purposes, or just because they need to get somewhere, e.g. Sue’s long commute. Know how to get home on your own in case.


Specify a location!

Meet up at the team room with your bike and helmet.


Please give an estimate of the length of your ride so people know when they should expect to be back on campus.