Please note that, because the Cycling Team is a club sport, not a varsity sport, the Team is unable to assist prospective applicants with admissions or scholarship opportunities. Interested applicants to Stanford University should contact the Office of Admissions rather than Coach Bryan.

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Mailing and Shipping Address:

Stanford Club Cycling Team
Stanford Athletics — Club Sports
615 Serra St.
Stanford, CA 94305-6109

Sawyer Taylor

Vice President
Sydney Nagy

nagys at

Monica Tavassoli

Dirt Recruitment
Jinhie Skarda

jskarda at

Women's Road Captain
Shifrah Aron-Dine

shifrah.arondine at

Men's Road Captain
Jacopo Dalmasson

jdalmasson88 at

Mountain Bike, BMX, Gravity Captain
Nick Bousse

nbousse at

Cyclocross Captain
Margalit Glasgow

mglasgow at

Head Coach
Bryan Larsen

Responsible for: training, racing, nutrition, and administration

bryanlrsn7 at


Team Room Manager
Noah Youkilis

nbyouk at

Team Equipment Manager
Nick Bousse

nbousse at

Coffee Ride Leader
Noah Youkilis

nbyouk at

Alices Ride Leader
Brian Axelrod

baxelrod at

TSF Coordinator
Julian Vigil

vigil at