Most of our team communication happens on our email lists:

  • Our searchable public Google Group for the entire Stanford Cycling community, including students, alumni, prospective members, and community members.
  • Our women’s list, for ladies-only rides and events, and
  • Our MTB list, for coordinating rides

Our officers and coaches are happy to answer any other questions. Add “” to incomplete email addresses.
Student Officers:

President — Caitlin Maikawa
Responsible for: coordination, administration, delegation, sponsor relations and selection.
Vice President — Brian Axelrod
baxelrod at
Treasurer — Kenneth Hoffmann
Responsible for: financial matters
Sponsorship & Clothing
Responsible for: kit design, inventory, pricing, and sizing; direct point of contact for questions regarding purchasing
Recruitment — Simun Bumm and Margalit Glasgow
margalit.r.glasgow at
Social Media — Joy Franco
jfranco2 at
Responsible for: developing and maintaining ties with the cycling community and industry supporters
Alumni Coordinator — Rob Sare
rmsare at
Responsible for: help alumni keep their ties to Stanford Cycling strong
Women’s Road Captain — Sarah Tollman
stollman at
Responsible for: managing the women’s road racing team
Men’s Road Captain — John Janetzko and Russel Clarida
jjanetzk at
Responsible for: managing the men’s road racing team
Women’s MTB Captain — Rachel Anders and Catherine Kircos
randers at
Responsible for: managing the women’s MTB racing team
Men’s MTB Captain — Ben Siranosian
bsiranosian at
Responsible for: managing the men’s MTB racing team
Cyclocross Captain — Joy Franco
jfranco2 at
Responsible for: managing the cyclocross racing team
Race Directors — Ben Siranosian,
bsiranosian at
Responsible for: organizing our home races
Team Equipment Manager — Nicholas Bousse
nbousse at
Responsible for: renting team bikes to members, managing team equipment
Team Room Manager — Heidi Poppe
hgpoppe at
Responsible for: keeping the team room in order, managing team supplies
Webmaster — Noah Young,
npyoung at
Responsible for: maintaining this site


Head Coach — Bryan Larson,
Responsible for: training, racing, nutrition, and administration
Please note that, because the Cycling Team is a club sport, not a varsity sport, the Team is unable to assist prospective applicants with admissions or scholarship opportunities. Interested applicants to Stanford University should contact the Office of Admissions rather than Coach Bryan.

Mailing and Shipping Address:

Stanford Club Cycling Team
Stanford Athletics — Club Sports
615 Serra St.
Stanford, CA 94305-6109