Stanford Cycling is both a team and a club

Team membership has dues and is meant for those who want to be eligible to race; the club is for those who just want to ride or train with us.

The Cycling Club

If you just want to get out there and ride your bike with us, getting started is easy

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  • Wait for someone to post a ride you’d like to come along for, or advertise a ride of your own.
  • Know your ride: there are several types of rides we do, and you should look for keywords in the ride announcement:
    • No drop: we go at the pace of the slowest rider and we make sure no one falls behind, e.g. beginner ride.
    • Social: we ride at a slower pace with a focus on conversing or recovering, e.g. coffee ride and Alice’s ride. We regroup after climbs, but no one is watching for stragglers. It’s acceptable to ask for pace adjustments.
    • Regrouping or training: usually these rides are intermediate-to-fast in pace. Expect that you may be dropped in climbs or descents. We typically regroup at the top of climbs, and do slow-rolling regroups after descents if possible. You can ask for small pace adjustments if it means you won’t get dropped. Most long weekend rides fall into this category.
    • Drop or race: if you get dropped, there are others on the ride who need to continue at a high speed for training purposes, or just because they need to get somewhere, e.g. Sue’s long commute. Know how to get home on your own in case.
  • Meet up at the team room or campus post office (known on the mailing list as the PO) with your bike and helmet.

The Cycling Team

In addition to hosting club rides in the area, we also field one of the nation’s strongest competitive collegiate cycling teams. We offer two tiers of year team membership with the following perks:

Club membership ($140)

  • 1 Stanford jersey (required for race)
  • 1 dirt (MTB or cross) and 1 road race weekend completely paid for (transit included)
  • Subsidized races after the first ($20 co-pay)
  • Discounted rate on other team apparel and kit
  • Annual weekend Team Training Camp in picturesque California locations
  • Coaching and training plans
  • Access to Stanford’s athletic trainer for injury recovery
  • Sponsor deals from some of the best companies in the industry
  • Access to our team room full of useful cycling gear and tools
  • Access to team rental bikes
  • Access to the members-only email list
  • A great community — probably the most fun group of people you’ll find at Stanford. We’re serious.

Cardinal membership ($270)

  • All of the above plus…
  • A total of 6 race weekends fully reimbursed
  • Access to the team elite bike deal
  • Eligibility to race at Nationals

Note: it is possible to upgrade from club to cardinal membership by paying the difference ($130).

Are you eligible to join or race?

Students (undergrad, grad, medical, GSB, law)

We’re glad to hear that you’re interested in joining. If you have any questions, please contact a recruitment officer or captain! Then, follow the steps at the bottom of the page.

Post-docs, faculty, staff, and community members

Unfortunately, non-students are not eligible to be members of the cycling team. However, we do offer a friend-of-the-team status:

Friend-of-the-team ($120)
  • Access to select sponsorship deals
  • Access to team communications

Prospective students

As a Club Sports team, we unfortunately can’t offer you a scholarship or assistance with gaining admission to Stanford. We encourage you to maintain an excellent academic record and make sure your passion for cycling comes through on your application!

If you’d like to talk with someone or come on a ride while you’re on a campus visit, please contact a recruitment officer.

Ready to Join?

Follow these steps.

  1. Pay dues here. Note that you can pay by cash or check if you would like to avoid fees – please contact the treasurer, president, or VP.
  2. Fill out our team survey.
  3. Complete the Driver Form (not applicable for friend-of-the-team status). Even if you don’t plan on driving your teammates around, if you have a driver’s license, please complete this step. Return this form directly to Risk Management and to the Treasurer.
  4. Sign our non-disclosure agreement. If you have a SUNet ID, use our online NDA; if you don’t, use the Paper NDA and return to the treasurer, president, or VP.
  5. Sign up for the team through Do Sports Easy (not applicable for friend-of-the-team status). Complete all the online forms on this website and the three PDF health forms at the end (video walkthrough available here). The PDF forms must be turned in to the Club Sports Athletic Training Room in the AOERC (Room 103E).
    • Do Sports Easy will direct you to fill out some medical information via a service called Presagia. Only a small subset of this information is required, namely fields with an asterisk and photo proof of your health insurance. You can follow along with this helpful slide deck, which will help you fill out the fields you need to while skipping those which are safe to ignore.

We have an official team member-only mailing list where you will get access to our coaching info, sponsor discounts, etc. You can only get an invite to this list once you have done all 4 tasks above.