Stanford Cycling Equity and Justice Statement

Stanford Cycling welcomes all riders of any experience level in all cycling disciplines – if it has wheels and rolls we want you to bring it out! We firmly believe cycling is for everyone: whether you are interested in exploring, commuting, recreation, community, fitness, or racing, we want you to enjoy being on a bike. We are actively building an accepting and inclusive cycling environment and welcome individuals from all backgrounds. We believe that all humans have equal value, and reject systemic oppression for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • race
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • physical appearance
  • socioeconomic background
  • age
  • health status
  • cultural background
  • nationality
  • citizenship status
  • ability status
  • religion

We celebrate these differences, and aim to learn how each club member’s identities affect their experiences within the cycling community. We strongly believe that our club and team are made better by taking these steps. 

We acknowledge the severe underrepresentation of minoritized people in cycling and at Stanford. We recognize that changes at all levels (individual, within-club, within cycling culture, and societal) are required to dismantle inequity in cycling. We are actively educating ourselves and each other to promote a more inclusive community. We pledge to do our best to hold ourselves and each other accountable through direct action to build equity in cycling, starting with our own club. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, or any breach of our standards as outlined below, and our officers will collectively enforce these standards to protect our community. We have implemented an anonymous feedback channel and created a dedicated officer role for incident reporting (including microaggressions, and all other concerns with a team member or the broader team culture). 

Towards this goal, we commit to the following general principles:

  1. We commit to treating each other with kindness, respect, and equity. 
  2. We commit to communicating inclusively and non-judgmentally, including in our emails
  3. No one is “too new” or “too slow” for cycling – we all start somewhere!
  4. We will foster equity in cycling and our community through outreach, mentorship, and inclusive recruiting. We are implementing a buddy-system to increase recruiting scope and retention. 
  5. We will individually acknowledge our privilege through careful reflection on our identities within the club, university, and beyond.
  6. We will recognize and respect the indigenous territories where we cycle via land acknowledgements whenever possible. 
  7. We will listen when those with identities different from ourselves express concerns or ask for changes, and we will ask questions in an open-minded way to understand how to best respond to those concerns or requests.
  8. We will continuously educate ourselves on the state of inequity in American and international cycling, its historical basis and current form, and learn evidence-based practices for combating these forms of injustice.

*We consider this a “living” document that we pledge to revisit and revise regularly (at least once a year when we have officer elections)


John Vaughen, Biology PhD Student, Recruitment Officer 

John Janetzko, Ph.D., SU cycling coaching team

Anthony Beron, B.S., SU Cycling road racer 2016-2018

Nancy Hamilton, Alum (MA ‘20), Community member/cyclist

Minseung Choi, Neurosciences PhD Student, community member

Caitlin Maikawa, President 

Alana O’Mara, Medical Student, community member

Joy Franco, Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate, Cyclocross Captain

Jacopo Dalmasson, Physics PhD Student, Men’s Road Captain

Nicholas Bousse, Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate, Equipment Manager

Julian Vigil, Chemical Engineering PhD Candidate, TSF Coordinator

Sydney Nagy, Undergraduate Student ‘23, Recruitment Officer

Mona Azadkia, Statistics PhD Student, Community member

Catherine Rocchi, JD and MS Candidate, community member

Catherine Kircos, MA, SU Cycling volunteer coach

Ekaterina (Katia) Tkachenko, MD candidate, SU Incoming Vice-President

Shifrah Aron-Dine, Economics PhD Student, Women’s Road Captain

Sawyer Taylor, Undergraduate Student ‘23, Treasurer

Brian Axelrod, Computer Science Ph.D.

Benjamin Siranosian, Genetics PhD Candidate, Mountain Bike Captain

Kenneth Hoffmann, Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Tollman, BS/MS Computer Science ‘20, Women’s Road Captain 2019-20

Margalit Glasgow, Dirt Recruiting Officer